Sunday, 6 April 2014

Traditional Upholstery

I went on a two day upholstery course in March, as I've wanted to lean some basic techniques for a while so that I can use my own fabric to do small projects with. On the first day I learnt traditional upholstery techniques. On the second day I was using more modern techniques on a more unusual project which I'll update soon. Below are photos from the first day where I was recovering a drop in seat for a dining room chair.

Process: webbing, hessian, stitching, horse hair, wadding.

Getting the calico as tight as a drum.

Tacking the underneath, ready to do the corners.

Ready for the top fabric.

The difference in height between the old and new.

I haven't finished it yet - I need to put the top fabric on. It's a very long winded process and the old wood was really hard to hammer into. I've got to say I prefer the more modern way of upholstering as I can see that I'd actually do my own projects in the future this way with more of my own fabric designs.