Friday, 22 June 2012

I've been blogged

A little feature on the degree show, including some of my work:

and another one:


Degree Show!

Well, I made it! The degree show is over, next stop, New Designers!
We had to substantially reduce the amount of work we presented for assessment in order to fit in the compact space at the degree show, here's a couple of images of what I presented:

With some help from the electrician, I managed to shine a spot light into the lampshade to imitate how it would be when lit, which really brought it to life.

Friday, 15 June 2012

The end of an era...

It's been a while now, but I completed my final assessment and did my last ever pin up. The set up is different this year, as we are having our degree show at Quay House and have to substantially reduce the amount of work we are showing (I will post a photo when it's all over!) However, at assessment we had a bit more room and freedom.

My very talented Mum covered a second hand/ 'vintage' chair in the fabric I designed and printed. She did a great job under pressure, and these photos don't do her craftsmanship justice!

laser cut lampshade


As the real world is getting ever nearer, I've made my own online portfolio/ website, take a look:


I developed a group of designs that I felt could handle the abstraction of being pleated. This was continuing on from the earlier Ikat designs that I produced. I have yet to photograph the final samples, but below are the designs before this process. 

I had to think on my feet when the 3 metre length I had sent off to the pleating machine came back pleated horizontally, creating 'dwarf' parachuters, rather than the more elegant vertical pleats! I came up with the solution of gathering the fabric to create a similar level of abstraction. Although not quite as impressive, I was pleased with how this compromise turned out.

Gathered fabric


Developing on from my first attempts at laser cutting, I produced a group of designs intended for lampshades, with laser cut areas to allow the light to come through. It was great to work without the restrictions of a repeat and develop some fun one offs. These designs were quite out of my comfort zone because I started using manipulated photography to give a twist and greater depth to the designs.

The design below was a great turning point for me, I used Illustrator to test my hand at a new drawing style, and found it gave a unique quality that I haven't achieved before. It's always great to learn a new skill or get to grips with more software.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Retro Rugs

I decided to enter the GoodWeave Rug Design Competition based upon the theme of 'Retro Funk.' I felt this was a good opportunity to get more variation in my portfolio, so focussed on florals. I spent 1 week working independently on the designs over Easter and really enjoyed the spontaneity of the drawing style and design process that I adapted. It was also great to get the opportunity to work within, and test the limitations of, a brief with lots of restrictions. Here's some of the results:

The rugs are all 1.4 x 2 metres, intended to be made from wool and silk, with some areas being cut flush and some high/low. Below are the moodboards that were required to accompany my submission, which I really enjoyed producing. All in all a very fun brief!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


The lack of posts has been due to third year consuming my life, but it's almost come to an end (the degree show, not my life...hopefully!) - feeling both sad and a little relieved! The degree show opens on Friday, so just the final preparations are being made. Have a look at my online profile for it here . I am also showing my work at Part 1 of New Designers in London.

Now time for some fresh work...

This is a group of designs based upon the idea of 'Decorative Distortion' using layers and shapes to disguise the illustrations, creating depth and a sense of movement. It took me a while to develop these designs into something that I was pleased with, but feel the extra effort has resulted in much more finished, useable designs.