Sunday, 26 June 2011

Work placement at Timorous Beasties

I am now back home after a five week work placement at Timorous Beasties' studio in Glasgow. I was pleasantly surprised at how impressive Glasgow city centre was and how vibrant and exciting it feels...where i was staying was another matter! However, my work placement was a great learning experience and is going to prove invaluable.

My everyday duties involved dealing with sample requests and sample stock, assisting with the preparation of screens, assisting with printing and drying the designs, as well as some design tasks on Photoshop. I was grateful for the design based tasks as I didn't expect to get this opportunity and learnt new techniques in Photoshop which will be useful in the future. I also really enjoyed doing some test prints as I received so many useful tips from Gavin who conducts all the hand printing. Another really enjoyable task was correcting the shade of one of the colours for a complex design 'Oriental Orchid' which involved adding dye gradually and doing a test print each time until the correct colour was achieved, and the difference this slight alteration made was incredible.

Drying Timorous Beasties' 'Grand Thistle' 

Gumming a screen

Test printing

The final colour match

Seeing the full range of designs in person was also a great opportunity, the visual games the company play with their designs and the skill of drawing and quality of prints, grounds and fabrics is very motivating and inspiring in terms of starting to think about my third year. Have a look:

John and Gavin printing Timorous Beasties' 'Glasgow Toile'

Timorous Beasties' 'Glasgow Toile' on the print table

Selection of screens

Boxed artwork

I start my next work placement in August with Newmor, a wallcoverings company based in Wales - let's hope I learn just as much!

This post has been quite a bit of an essay so I'll upload some photos of what I saw outside of work soon.


  1. Great post.
    I love their big long work benches! just right for the job. who took all the photos?

  2. Thanks Kev. I know, it's 20 metres long! James and Shona the other placement students took the ones of me and I took the rest. Any luck with finding out how that man put the brass into his wood turning?

  3. Hi Emma,this all looks amazing! Is there a particular person that should be contacted from the company if I was interested in doing some work experience with Timorous Beasties? Thanks