Friday, 13 May 2011

Finished leather bag

I've finished it! I have really enjoyed learning a hand skill and creating a finished article for the first time in a while. I would love to make another bag over summer (I am also trying to convince my brothers to go on a leather workshop with me.) Here is the final bag, unfortunately I didn't get to choose the leather, but I am still quite pleased with the results.

Final bag construction

Constructing my final leather bag consisted of a lot of testing and patience considering I had two days to make it before I go on work experience! Once the pattern and tests were perfect and the bag was cut out, the construction wasn't as timely as I expected.

Practice corner - glued, hammered with a thonging punch and stitched. This was extremely difficult considering how thick the leather was and how steep the curves were. Testing it was definately a good idea!

The strap was perhaps the most time consuming part. It was very long and therefore needed joining (cows don't come by the metre!) Tiny holes needed to then be punch all along both sides of the length and then stitched.

Side panel and strap

Main constrution

Pattern Cutting

Whilst on the leather and sheepskin supporting study, I took part in a pattern cutting workshop in order to create my only bag design in leather. This involved some very precise measuring and a lot of tracing, however, I was suprised at how logical it was. This resulted in a master pattern, traced pattern pieces and a 3D bag paper mock up in order to see if everything fitted and if the bag dimensions looked right.

Practice bag

First attempt at final bag mock up-
too deep, flap too short

Final bag modified and ready to be made in leather.